Wrestling is a wonderful sport that exercises both body and mind.Nowadays, there are two different styles: Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling. It is an ancient Olympic sport in which two men struggled against each other and the strongest was being honored as the winner.

Greece has a long tradition in this sport, with several Olympic champions and World or European champions.

The Greeks never stopped dealing with wrestling even when in 393 AD Byzantine Emperor Theodosius, banned the Olympic Games.

Since the official declaration of the Greek independence,in 1832, the ancient greek wrestling was reintroduced.

The Royal Decree of the Greek State on 25/1/1837, decided to organize public wrestling, horse racing, disc, road, jump, javelin, ethnic dances and other gymnastics, with awards for the winners.
Since 1838 the municipality of Letrini has decided the reconstitution and commission of Olympic Games every four years in the city of Pyrgos.