Although the origin of Jujutsu is not very clear, and there is no fixed date of first appearance that can be ascertained, there is no doubt that this is a purely Japanese art. Moreover, it doesn’t originate from the ancient Chinese Martial Arts as some scholars of the martial arts claim . It is common belief of various researchers that a Chinese priest named Chin Genpin brought the art of Kempo, «kicking and hitting» in Japan around 1659. In 1659, Chin Genpin became a Japanese citizen and died in 1671.

The Jujutsu is characterized by the use of the intruder’s force against him, guiding it in a way that it suits the defender (not the attacker). The methods taught in the circles of jujitsu or jujutsu include strikes, throws, immobilization (pinning and strangling), joint locks, weapons, and wrestling. It is really best known for its effectiveness against weapons, the using of throws, and joint locks. It also teaches the use of weapons.

The objective of Jujutsu is simple.The fighterss hope to neutralize, disarm, or even kill their opponent, as appropriate, using the opponent’s attack against him.