Kick Boxing Championship 2020

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The 2nd open Kick Boxing World Championship for Trainers and Athletes will take place from 06 to 11 April 2020 in Agypt.

The World Trainers Association (WTA) was formed in order to give prominence to the hard work and the great effort that a trainer exerts on his athlete’s success even though he is behind the scenes.
The goal of WTA is not just to give prominence to the great effort but also to the wisdom that every trainer commits to every and each one of his athletes.
Now is the time to honor and reward all Trainers that dedicate their lives to the teaching and training of their athletes for the sport of Kickboxing.
For the second time such a World championship will be carried out in order to proclaim the best Trainers in the world. The three top Trainers will be awarded the three medals. The Gold medal and the sum of $10.000, the Silver medal and $5,000 and the Bronze medal and $2,500. They will also get the chance to see their country’s flag flying and will hear the national anthem of their country.

In order to participate the championship 2020 you must follow the following steps:
1. Examine the hotels and room types that are suitable for you. Press here to see the hotels datails accomodation. There are a variety of hotels room types and prices.
2.After that press the appropriate button (in the page accomodation) and Fill the form and pay via PayPal or Direct Bank Tranfer

The WTA will co-organize the world event along with:

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