Muay Thai
Muay Thai or Thai boxing is the cultural martial art of Thailand. The origins of Muay Thai dates back several hundred years, and practically, it was developed as a form of close range combat using the whole body as a weapon. However, it should be added that the history of Muay Thai, and its direct origin is a subject of debate among modern scholars.
What is known is that Muay Thai uses the body to mimic the weapons of war. The arms are the sword and dagger. The legs are hardened through training to serve as shielding against hits and the elbow like a heavy hammer upon fallen opponents. The body acts as a whole. Knees and elbows are constantly searching for an opening while fighting and trying to spin the enemy on the ground for the kill.
Muay Thai has come a long way in the last 100 years. Because of the great national popularity, Muay Thai began to gather international exposure and recognition. In World War II, Thai soldiers stationed abroad, and foreigners took a first good glance at Muay Thai. During the Second World War, the French named the Muay Thai as “fighting style of the East”. The Thai soldiers who participated in the war did workout in Muay Thai and soldiers from Europe and America watched with great interest. Until then, Muay Thai was a cultural jewel, hidden in this strange and wonderful culture of this country called Thailand.